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Democracy (Greek: δημοκρατία, Dēmokratía literally "rule of the commoners"), in modern usage, is a system of government in which the citizens exercise power directly or elect representatives from among themselves to form a governing body, such as a parliament.[1] Democracy is sometimes referred to as "rule of the majority".[2] Democracy was originally conceived in Classical Greece, where political representatives were chosen by a jury from amongst the male citizens: rich and poor.[citation needed] The English word dates to the 16th century, from the older Middle French and Middle Latin equivalents.




` ► Democracy by location (2 C, 7 P)


` ► Accountability (14 C, 26 P)

► Democracy activists (4 C, 12 P)


` ► Books about democracy (38 P)


` ► Christian democracy (8 C, 12 P)


► Direct democracy (11 C, 40 P)


` ► E-democracy (2 C, 18 P)

► Economic democracy (1 C, 1 P)

► Elections (42 C, 156 P)


` ► Islamic democracy (2 C, 4 P)


` ► Liberal democracies (4 C, 92 P)


` ► Democracy movements (3 C, 8 P)


` ► Non-governmental elections (5 C)


` ► Democracy promotion (2 C, 3 P)


` ► Democratic rights (4 C, 5 P)


` ► Democratic socialism (6 C, 47 P)



` Democracy

Outline of democracy


` Absolute democracy


Anti-democratic thought

Anticipatory democracy

Anticipatory exclusion


` Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor


` Capitalist peace

Cellular democracy

Center for the Study of Democracy (St. Mary's College of Maryland)

Chinese views of democracy

Christian democracy

Civic virtue

Civil society

Collaborative e-democracy


Compositing (democracy)

Consensus decision-making

Consensus democracy

Conservative democracy

Constitutional liberalism

Corsican Constitution

The Crisis of Democracy

Colin Crouch


` Defective democracy

Defensive democracy

Delegative democracy

Deliberative democracy

Democracy and Totalitarianism

Democracy in Marxism

Democracy Index

Democracy International (American organization)

Democracy promotion

Democracy Ranking

Democracy-Dictatorship Index

Democratic capitalism

Democratic centralism

Democratic Collective Centralism

Democratic Confederalism

Democratic consolidation

Democratic deficit

Democratic education

Democratic empire

Democratic ideals

Democratic Marxism

Democratic republic

Democratic revolution

Democratic security

Democratic socialism

Democratic structuring

Democratic transhumanism



Dictatorship of the proletariat

Direct Action and Democracy Today

Direct democracy

Direct representation


` E-democracy


Economic democracy

Education Index

Elections in Cuba

Elective rights

Electoral integrity

Embedded democracy

Emergent democracy

Empowered democracy

The End of History and the Last Man

Energy democracy

Epistemic democracy


` The Federalist Papers

Free World


` Grassroots democracy

Guided democracy


` History of democracy

History of democracy in classical Iran


` Illiberal democracy

Imperative mandate

Industrial democracy

Inter-American Democratic Charter

Interactive democracy

Interest group democracy



` Jacksonian democracy

Jeffersonian democracy

Jewish and democratic state


` Kleroterion


` Laocracy

Liberal democracy

List of regimes

List of wars between democracies

Lutte Pour Le Changement


` Majoritarian democracy

Mandate (politics)


Media democracy

Military democracy

Models of representation

Motion (democracy)

Multi-party system


` New Democracy

Non-partisan democracy

Non-representative democracy


` Ochlocracy

Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights

One man, one vote

One vote, one value


` Parliamentary republic

Parliamentary system

Participation (decision making)

Participatory democracy

Party of Internet Democracy

Democratic peace theory

People's democracy (Marxism–Leninism)

People's democratic dictatorship

People's Initiative

People's Multiparty Democracy

Pluralist democracy

Polity data series


Popular democracy


Potsdam Declaration

Prague Declaration of European Conservatives and Reformists

Procedural democracy

Proxy voting

Public sphere


` Radical democracy


Religious democracy

Representative bureaucracy

Representative democracy


` Sectarian democracy

Selectorate theory

Socialist democracy


Sovereign democracy

Sovereignty unconditionally belongs to the Nation

Soviet democracy

State of democracy

Streitbare Demokratie

Substantive democracy



` Theodemocracy

Third Wave Democracy

Totalitarian democracy

Trustee model of representation

Tyranny of the majority


` Venezuelan Communal Councils

Veto session

Virtual representation

Vox populi


` Why Democracy?

Workplace democracy

World Forum for Democracy

World Forum for Democratization in Asia

World Youth Movement for Democracy

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Classical Greece

Greek inventions

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