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Glenn McGrew Plan

Page history last edited by Dmitry Sokolov 8 years, 3 months ago

Glenn McGrew II / Factors Limiting Development of Civilization

Limits to Growth was right

Plan to save the world
-Decrease population by encouraging a decrease in the number of children created to less than 2 (ideally, 1)
-Decrease energy usage per household/person, especially amongst those who use the most (the richest)
-Increase energy efficiency of all devices while decreasing their pollution output and increasing quality to the level it was at 50-100 years ago or better (planned obsolescence must become obsolete)
-Increase quality and availability of healthcare
-Decrease infant mortality
-Increase quality of education, especially for (where relevant) disenfranchised/disadvantaged groups and females
-Decrease the cost of education
-Increase the availability of higher education
-Improve the educational methodologies (switch from traditional to transformational) globally
-Improve food distribution, availability, equity and quality
-Move away from financial economics to eco-economics/holistic economics
-Eliminate flawed business models and systems, such as capitalism
-Indoctrination via education to increase unity and tolerance while promoting diversity

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