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Integrated Virtual Associative Network

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IVAN is a core element of the Internet of Sense.


Integrated Virtual Associative Network (not to confuse with the virtual associative networks) is the method, practice, culture  of building of the unified virtual collective mental space. LikeInMind is the first known practical result of IVAN.

The objectives of IVAN are

  • to build the associative links between the relevant knowledge nodes and
  • to build the associative clouds (Tag Clouds) around the "core" knowledge node. Subject, or a meaning the knowledge node represents can be described by different combination of keywords. Similarly, the same combination of keywords may represent different meaning and be linked with a number of different knowledge nodes. Moreover, the concepts can emerge as the results of the problem solving process. Associative clouds play a role of the "antenna of meaning" directing the association of the particular user to the meaning of his choice.


Virtual Associative Network works in the very similar way with the natural associative networks in our heads.

IVAN is a superposition of the interconnected Personal Virtual Associative Networks built by each of the participants of a Unified Conceptual Space.

Imagine early morning on Sunday. The sun is shining. You just woke up. No thoughts, the consciousness is as flat as a surface of the lake on a nice day. Just feelings of the fresh air and yourself.
Suddenly, you get a first mental image like a splash from the depth of the Lake:

  • Coffee!

This drop falls back and creates the waves. And then, you see another a series of splashes connected at the Depth but invisible from the surface:

  • My Cup;
  • Veranda;
  • (What are) the News?
  • and then a storm of associations: The Day Began!!


IVAN has content and links between the nodes but nothing is seen without a motive or a problem to solve.

(See System-Thought-Activity Methodology if you wonder why)

Start typing (slowly) in the search bar at the upper right corner to match your thoughts with "What's In There" and follow the network of associations formed before.

Or, click "Create a page" to start a new domain.

Or, click "Edit" to continue someone's thoughts.



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