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Internet of Sense

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on January 14, 2014 at 10:10:11 pm

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Internet of Things is designed to track all the indexed physical objects.

Internet of Everything will connect people, process, data, and things into a unified network.

Internet of Thoughts will try to blend the "thoughts" of participants in hope to achieve the higher degree of interaction.

Both "InThings" and "InThoughts" will multiply the amount of data to process and the "interference" of "directly interacting minds". That will increase the gap between  normal researchers and "The Big Data Guys", add new barriers and thresholds and multiply the problems too.

("Big Data" is another tool for solving the problems and will require a researcher capable to apply this tool to the actual problems. The very clever and sophisticated artificially created algorithms including Artificial Intelligence will not be able to replace the intelligence natural for a single reason. Decision making cannot be delegated entirely to Artificial Intelligence.)

Internet of Sense is a network of Interdisciplinary and Cross-Functional concepts interconnected by the associative links within the Unified Information Space. "InSense" seams being the solutions to the problems above. It allows participants

  • to filter all the irrelevant information based on the actual individual mental activities rather than on statistical or artificially created algorithms,
  • to simplify, interconnect and structure existing data and ideas within Unified Conceptual Space,
  • to visualise the missing bits of information
  • in order to allow the (group of) individuals  
    • to focus on a selected problem, idea or question,
    • to delegate tasks
    • to solve the problems
      • in real time
      • by researchers
        • distributed through a number of national institutes or globally, or/and
        • (self-)organised dynamically in groups, either open or closed
    • to quantify the contribution of participants towards
    • the adequate and sensible rewards

to make finally the Innovation Management quantitative, beedback based and therefore controllable, predictable and efficient.

Integrated Virtual Associative Network is the core element of the Internet of Sense.

Internet of Sense is probably too far ahead of it's time but it is up and running, and MIAWiki is the example.

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