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Dmitry Sokolov

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I recently finished a project on transition of one of organisations in Palmerston North from Level 1 to Level 2.

I am a Level 3-5 manager looking forward to being a part of a capable and efficient team.
Would you by chance have an Organisational Maturity Landscape handy, please?
In any form - chart, diagram, map, narrative - ideally in Palmerston North and around.

Happy to talk in more detail if you like.

Thank you beforehand,





I am a professional trainer, researcher and problem solver with international work and life experience in Australia, Japan, Germany, Russia and South Korea. A few hundreds of students and researcher have been trained and are known as efficient problem solvers in physics, chemistry, biology, food science and engineering.

I have experience of auditing organisations on their collective agency and supervision of their transition from hierarchical to network (team) structure where needed or when that transition is economically or socially beneficial to an organisation or a company.

Currently, I am working on building a Collective Subject at one of New Zealand schools. That all involves emerging Collective Consciousness at elements of Long Term Organisational Memory introduced. The overall work is based on Theory of Collective Subject. This work continues my Masters Degree on Time-Critical Decision Making for Public Administration.

Dmitry studied physics and chemistry in Japan and received his PhD for advanced methods of nanostructures manufacturing. He received his Masters in Engineering from Bauman University of Technology for optical detection of microparticles in vacuum equipment of microelectronics industry. Dmitry has worked with various Optical, Laser Scanning, Scanning Electron and Atomic Force Microscopes.

Dmitry is an author of 3 chapters in books on nanotechnology and nanometrology.

*A few of Atomic Force, Scanning Electron and Laser Scanning Microscopes are available at the Fundamental Sciences and Engineering Departments of Massey University, Manawatu Campus.



I would think of Intelligence as a process of collecting, processing and analysing  information and data, building understanding of the overall situation and delivery of this understanding to the decision makers. Relatively simple cases can be processed by individual specialists and experts. Complex and difficult problems require participation of a range of experts in different fields of knowledge making for that reason the Intelligence process Collective. Bringing all information, data and experts literally “to the same page”, synchronising efforts of experts with other relevant and required resources is a non-trivial task. Mapping of all relevant information and resources, building collective understanding of problems and visualising it in the form of Holistic Ontology schema take a significant part of the Collective Intelligence practice. Another part is based on building liquid teams mixed with the right combination of resources sufficient to make a problem resolved in the most efficient, economical or optimal way.
All above is a subject of the Theory of Collective Subject and a matter of my research and development.
When applied to the actual activities and products, these methods and techniques will allow a seamless search for already known solutions to the problems, as well as a building liquid teams of experts mostly suitable for finding solutions for the most complex and difficult problems, in real time, that is currently a matter of minutes.


Contact Details:

FB Messenger

Mobile: +64 27 44 809 41

Email: dmitry.v.sokolov@gmail.com

Skype Me�!

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Other Projects

P2P Collective Intelligence Project  

SkillMatcher NZ





  • Organisational Science (MPA, Time Critical Decision Making)

    • Theory of Collective Subject

    • Methods and Techniques of Long Term Organisational Memory and Collective Intelligence.

  • Microscopy and Image Analysis (PhD, Instrumentations and Methods for Experimental Physics):

    • R&D on Combined Confocal - Scanning Probe Microscopy

    • Electron Microscopy - Service and Maintenance

    • Hyperspectral imaging for materials characterisation

Main achievements:


  • Theory of Collective Subject

  • Prototype of Long Term Organisational Memory (LTOM)

  • Current experiment on building a Collective Subject by introducing elements of LTOM into an educational organisation in New Zealand.


  • Doctor of Philosophy, PhD Phys/Math

    Experimental Physics

  • Certified Engineer for Research, MEng

    Machinery for Electronics and Semiconductor Industry

  • Master of Public Administration, MPA

    Time-Critical Decision Making

  • Certificate IV in Business, CertBus

    Small Business Management


  • Lecturing

  • Research

  • Nanotechnology

  • Nanometrology

  • Development of precision opto-electro-mechanical instruments and equipment

  • Combined, multimodal and correlative microscopy

  • Image analysis

  • English, Russian, Japanese, German Languages


  • Lecturing:

    • Organisation, preparation and delivery of workshops, trainings, lectures, teleconferences and other teaching and research activities.

  • Consulting on microscopy and image analysis aspects for:

    • Nanotechnology,

    • Material and Surface Science,

    • Physics,

    • Biology.

  • Development of

    • Combined microscopes from individual components:

      • precision mechanics: nanopositioners and actuators for SPM;

      • optics:

        • laser and fibre optics;

        • interferometry;

        • photodiode, CCD and PMT detectors;

      • electronics: analogue circuitry for

        • pA current measurements,

        • multimode feedback control of position of AFM probes.

    • Information Technologyconcepts and services:

      • MIAWiki, information portal on microscopy and image analysis;

      • LikeInMind, Internet of Sense;
      • Open databases on fluorescence microscopy applications and image analysis functions.
  • Research:

    • Multimode optical / confocal / scanning electron (SEM) / scanning probe microscopy (SPM) in controlled gas, liquid and vacuum environments;

    • Solid state and light probe-sample interaction processes and mechanisms;

    • SPM nanolithography and nanomachining of (organic) semiconductor heterostructures, manipulation of nanoparticles and nanotubes, nanomechanics.

    • Image and data acquisition, processing and analysis: ImageJ, MetaMorph, ImagePro Plus, Volocity packages.

    • Hyperspectral Imaging for materials characterisation.

  • Management:

    • Confocal Microscopy Unit at Microscopy and Imaging Centre;

    • MIAWiki, information portal for Microscopy and Image Analysis;

    • noaSphere, Internet of Sense.




Papers in process:

Knowledge Creation in a Transmedia Environment

Chapters in books:

  • Sokolov, D. V. (2013) “AFM for Protein Nanotechnology” in Gerrard: Protein Nanotechnology, 2nd Edition, “Methods in Molecular Biology” Series, Humana Press Inc., Totowa, NJ.
  • Sikora, A., Sokolov, D. V. and Danzebrink, H. U. (2006) Scanning Probe Microscope Setup with Interferometric Drift Compensation, in Nanoscale Calibration Standards and Methods: Dimensional and Related Measurements in the Micro- and Nanometer Range (eds G. Wilkening and L. Koenders), Wiley-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaA, Weinheim, FRG. doi: 10.1002/3527606661.ch8


  • Sokolov, D. V., Kazantsev, D. V., Tyrrell, J. W. G., Hasek, T. and Danzebrink, H. U. (2006) Combined Confocal and Scanning Probe Sensor for Nano-Coordinate Metrology, in Nanoscale Calibration Standards and Methods: Dimensional and Related Measurements in the Micro- and Nanometer Range (eds G. Wilkening and L. Koenders), Wiley-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaA, Weinheim, FRG. doi: 10.1002/3527606661.ch10


Dmitry Sokolov Doctor Thesis


Methods and Techniques

Atomic Force Microscopy and Spectroscopy

Microscopy (Research and Development) Imaging Spectroscopy

Contact Mode

Electric Force Mode (standard and customised) Force Spectroscopy
Tapping Mode Scanning Capacitance Mode Voltammetry
Non-Contact Mode Scanning Spreading Resistance Mode nanoIndentation


  • Local Electroplating
  • Local Oxidation - customised
  • Local Etching
  • Local Scratching
Scanning Kelvin Probe Mode  
nanoMachining of thin organic films and heterostructures Scanning Conductance Mode  
Tuning Fork based Dynamic Force Microscopy with Natural Crystal Diamond Tips (Electrochemical) Scanning Tunnelling Microscopy  
Tuning Fork based Acoustic Sensor of Surfaces    

Confocal Laser Scanning Microscopy

Microscopy (Research and Development) Imaging Spectroscopy
Combined AFM/CLSM Head for nanoMetrology Fluorescence Fluorescence
Confocal Sensor of Surfaces Reflectance FRET
MultiMode (MultiColor) Absorption Microscopy


  • Single-colour
  • Multi-colour
  • "True Colour" Mode
HyperSpectral Imaging for materials characterisation
Sample Tilt Compensation Stage

In-situ and in-vitro imaging of dynamic processes

  • FRAP
  • digestion, dissolution
  • dislocation and movement of objects and components

Scanning Electron Microscopy

Microscopy (Research and Development) Imaging Spectroscopy
Combined SEM/AFM Metal and semiconductor nanostructures  
  Uncoated and untreated tips of AFM probes  


Preamplifiers for Quartz Tuning Fork Sensors

Auto-oscillation Circuitry for Tuning Fork Sensors

Feedback Control Circuitry for Dynamic Force Microscopy

Mechanical Oscillator Quality Factor Control Circuitry

Optically and Acoustically Triggered Positioner of AFM Head

Information Management

Concepts and prototypes of


Imaging Image Analysis Vector Editors Pixel Editors Calculations Programming
LAS AF ImagePro Plus   Inkscape   Adobe Photoshop

MS Excel


NanoScope NanoScope Analysis   MS PowerPoint XnView   Igor Fortran 77
nanoSurf Easyscan MetaMorph OpenOffice Draw Irfan View MathCAD C
ImageJ ImageJ Family (MBF ImageJ, Fiji) Adobe Illustrator GIMP     JavaScript
ImagePro Plus Volocity       Tcl/Tk
Text Editors Presentation Makers Circuitry Design and Simulation Mechanical Design Other  
MS Word MS PowerPoint EAGLE PCB Software AutoCAD Google Docs  
OpenOffice Writer OpenOffice Impress 5Spice   Kumu    
Alpha       PBWorks    


Atomic Force Microscopy Confocal Laser Scanning Microscopy Scanning Electron Microscopy Ultramicratomy
NanoScope II , IIIa, E, Dimension 3000 Leica SP5 Hitachi S-4100 Leica Ultracut UCT
Custom Built AFM combined with Optical, Confocal, Scanning Electron Microscopes Custom Built Combined AFM/CLSM FEI Quanta 200  
PSIA XE-150 Nikon A1 Confocal      
NanoSurf EasyScan 2 FlexAFM      



Dmitry Sokolov Vladimir, тягаться с глобалами как ГП - дело неблагодарное.
Мои скромные результаты:
- 50 тысяч узлов сети знаний "против" 150 тысяч страниц текста ГП - сравнению не поддается по ряду причин
- прототип целостной онтологии, аналогов чему я просто не знаю, не могу сказать, что их нет
- методология систематических системных исследований для построения целостной онтологии, опробованная на практике
- модель единого смыслового пространства, без которой ни о какой координации распределенной коллективной мыследеятельности говорить не приходится
- модель само-сборки команд в условиях нехватки ресурсов. Тоже, не могу с чем-либо сравнивать, просто руки не доходили. Вполне возможно, и здесь изобретаю велосипед.
А почему изобретаются велосипеды - мы, уже, кажется, разобрали: каждый варится в своем смысловом пространстве / информационном пузыре 18m


  • Dmitry Sokolov Ой, забыл о "главном" - платформа для P2P коллективного интеллекта с персональным когнитивным помощником. Без нее целостную онтологию не реализовать. ИИ - мост между личным и коллективным интеллектом.
    План платформы есть. Нужна команда единомышленников. Где их брать - не знаю. Хоть бы кто подключился к работе, хоть в какой роли.
    Все ждут чуда, и по Библии - дождутся...
    Хотелось, естественно, по-уму. А получится, похоже, как обычно... 9m













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