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Nanos Gigantium  

Humeris Insidentes

Welcome to Microscopy and Image Analysis Wiki

First Known Open Collaboration Workspace and Server of Ready Solutions (SRS) for Microscopy and Image Analysis.


MIAWiki was originated as MMIC Workbench on mid 2007 but now is open for editing globally to enyone interested in development of microscopy and image analysis techniques.


MMIC stands for Manawatu Microscopy and Imaging Center which is a part of Massey University, Palmerston North, New Zealand.


MMIC Equipment Booking is one of the pages supporting research and operation through MMIC. The full list of pages of SRS is here as well as at the top of every page. Specific pages can be accessed quicker through the search bar. Recent activities are listed at the panel to the right.


Getting Started


Server of Ready Solutions is a kind of Secondary Information Management System and is organised according to the concept of Atomised Information Management System where page name represent knowledge node or index. Please feel free to create as many pages as required to maintain cross-linking of nodes adequate to your own preferences in indexing.


If the title of Fluorescence Microscopy Applications page found not representing clearly the knowledge base on fluorescent dyes, labels and stains and their application to various samples, feel free to create another page with the title like "Stains Database" if that represents the content better from your point of view. You might still like to put the link to Fluorescence Microscopy Applications page to avoid creating multiple nodes with similar content.


For searching for a specific index or knowledge node, start typing in the "Search Pages and Files" bar found at upper right corner of every page and select an entry from the pop-up list of existing pages. If the node is not in the list, you are free to have it added exactly in the way you tried to find. That index is most probably being the best representation of the knowledge node you are after in your mind. So, please create the page with this name for quickest access of yours to namely this area of knowledge next time.


I hope You enjoy working at this Workspace, and the Workspace in return will start working for You more and more efficient.






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