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Human Lab

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Human Lab is a creativity center contributing on the formation and foundation of Cocreative Humanity beyond borders and nations. It's activities are based on the following principles:

  1. Humans are similar coded masters and no human is illegal. Everyone should respect the dignity and freedom of others. 

  2. We do not exist only as a physical entity, but we are also there where our consciousness is.

  3. Human race is part of the Gaian natural system. We are evolutionary learning how to adapt to it.

  4. Autodidactism where creativity is emerged through self-education, self-analysis, observation, active listening and connecting the dots.

  5. Differentiation between solid knowledge and active cognition through action of human intelligence and collaboration which transcends human consciousness. 

  6. Time is Now! Every moment contains a Reset of Existence by an operation  System producing reality. And the Question is: What is best to do out of that moment?

  7. Human life is a series of missions; individual and collective one. We prefer ethical open and collaboration to work together on collective missions throughout the 3SF open collab formula.


Note: Human Lab website is under construction. If you agree on the above principle and would like to apply for team membership please send your bio to: globalhumanlab-at-gmail.com


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