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Genesis II

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SSS Yet To Be Done.

Genesis II – The Vision for Earth

Genesis II is a conceptual model based on considerations of anthropic complexology applied pragmatically in the present: a community specifically designed to integrate psychospiritual and scientific technologies for the purpose of developing healthy planetary stewardship programs. Consideration is also given to the UN Genesis II presentation regarding social and environmental development toward globalization. There is no copyright or ownership as this concept is self-revealing through simple contemplation of the facts and figures available today, skewed only by the desire to ascend into life-friendly paradigms.

http://www.reach.net/~wbarton/un.htm - broken link. Copy on WayBack Machine:



U S N I S A . L A B S [unified state network intelligence synthesis alliance]
a reasoning guidance system for advanced communications networks

how a bio spirit network life can reflect / achieve a balanced existence: transmitting activation code (genetic)
through laser (fibre optic) via osgs driven media on the neu ark of usnisa net . . . .


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