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Resilience Net

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SSS Yet To Be Done.


HEiner Benking

Heiner Benking has long focused on the integration of truth — on creating “a common framework for understanding” in which disparate representations and perspectives and models can be brought together to deepen our understanding and allow us to more effectively share it with others. Visit his personal web site, http://benking.de/, and the open-forum site http://open-forum.de/. — From The Wisdom Page

Spotlight: Wisdom Circles: How to organise / structure and  find / share  what we know about us, the world, and the in-between!

Bebe Vundermann Dmitry Sokolov -- I am going to create a Resilience Net... this is coming from a vision emerging out of the story I have written and this is coming out in 2019 as well... so most of my attention must be channeled into this for this story is important (even if it is just I who feels this now). But, I would like to list LikedIn Mind as part of this Resilience Net. I am seeing something like below, but I will work with my brother to find the right format for the website we are creating Dmitry Sokolov -- LikedIn Mind (name if you have one for your site)
Site Description: I would tell anyone looking at this Network a short mission statement or description of your site or work
Announcements: I would list something like this or a blog or an article or anything coming up 12h


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Bebe Vundermann

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