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Robert Schram

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https://www.linkedin.com/in/schramrobert/Robert Schram


Robert Schram

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World Summit > Synergy Hub Network > Mother Earth Trust

Rotterdam Area, Netherlands

What if we co-work and create an all inclusive open source platform where every Movement in the world can connect and unite? What-for? Creating a new model together! I am a co-founder and coordinator for [United Earth], coordinator at [World Summit], director of the [Mother Earth Trust] and [Climate Reality Leader]. I am also co-creating on a [Synergy Hub Network] and I am co-creating on the [Earth Dollar] a digital currency backed by the health of our planet. I do this all to support the momentum towards the new paradigm. <3

In October 2012 was the book launch of 'Quasar, THE NEW WORLD': a plan of 180 recommendations for a new world (without oil, coal, money or current politics). Currently I am co-creating on United Earth, World Summit, Synergy Hub Network and Awareness Tools. I am always looking for innovative concepts or unusual combinations to achieve a unique and useful tool.

Before my writing period, I worked for several engineering firms in the Netherlands and Germany. This as a freelance project coordinator HVAC-installations. I have coordinated over 50 projects.

Planning for the coming years:

- Coordinating and co-creating United Earth (UE) and World Summit (WS);
- Coordinating and co-creating on organizing the next main World Summit 2019 > 2020;
- Promote alternative social (RBE) models / movements / projects like: TZM / The Free World Charter / Iceland first open Economy / TVP;
- Participatory development of auxiliary tools such as Noomap Electron;
- Co-create / developing Awareness Tools & Art (Music, Paintings / Fashion / Dogma Helmet);
- Participate in innovative WATER and RBE projects;
- Co-create on Mother Earth Trust and Earth Dollar Network;
- Co-create on a World Summit Synergy Hub Network for starting up Co-living Synergy Hubs (Worldwide).

See also links to websites and blogs.

Specialties: Intuitive thinking and practicing.
Mantra: Zoom IN => Zoom OUT => Circle 360 dgr AROUND...reflect...and act).


I am a Earthling ;-) a co-founder of [United Earth] and coordinator at [World Summit]

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