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SSS Yet To Be Done.



What is Vaiscope? answer... open ai?
Our Big Sister site P2tp-VAiscope.net
  • Goodbye national boarders, regional factions,
  • Hello Global Organic Democracy.
  • Organic, non-mining, open ai smart contracts.
V-A-I-S-C-O-P-E - (Virtual ai server cloud organic platform Evolving)

This P2tp-[district groups] opportunity is better than most due to
organic fee-less Block-chain ai
It's very similar to DAO (Decentralized
Autonomous Organization)

It's goal is to keep it fee-less always, codifying the rules and decision
making apparatus of an organization via organic ai, eliminating the
need for documents and people in governing positions, creating a
structure with decentralized wholesome organic control.

Anyone can startup a P2tp- district group, just name your weebly
URL www P2tp-[district] dot.something

ten minutes reading How It Works is basically all you need.
Warning this kind of thing is often removed.
I released the platform after a cyber security discussion
with my older brother Andy in Wellington NZ.

  Fee-Less Technology specially developed for
GroupsStartup network
Use the link above, learn about the new Groups
free cloud organic platform awesome opportunity.





We must build organizations that
are models of the world we want to
create. Or else we are not really
creating the future at all"
April 2018
Welcome to Vaiscope
Still waiting for a producer. Now  With tools that reward players fairly.
A concept growing from GroupsStartup
 Always under construction, Virtual augmented intelligence
Making sense of complexity in a manner all can comprehend.

This project has been under development since 2008
but like so many startups we struggled,
In 2017 we founded the United Humanity FaceBook group
A democracy tool for the village people if you like.
Built by our weavers, the network is Organic, Global,Local,
and always in service to the segment weavers, A micro
segment is yours and a nano project is to . . .  join the dots.

We can not force anyone to sponsor others, however we can
open doors for better things.

micro segments have 3 members teamed up to form a nano segment. . see pic.
This is a cool and rewarding sharing after cost ad revenue in the currency
of your choice.
Fee-Less Pledge to the Planet P2TP and creating change from
the ground up. 

WE owe a special debt to our supporters many are devoted to sharing the Solutions links
Some district groups want to help local small green entrepreneurs, we will help you.
First with a free P2tp- (district) website and then with feedback and special sauce     
VAIscope IS... A virtual open organic network of websites (district nodes)
and real world info kiosks.

It's more a thing you do at home, than a thing you join. build your own district
hub on FaceBook or whatever, www.P2tp-[yourDistrict] dot something.  be the change.

This new app will aid in greening the deserts (people power lobby) and return real value to you.

New users are getting excited about the launch of district p2tp
nodes, but hurry they will be gone fast. Promoting small 
sustainable villages and the solutions catalog.

No one is the boss at VAIscope and each district node is it's
own enterprise, promoting Tree planting projects and
sustainable community info marketing kiosk's (see Model)
A system designed to give value to the node creator
and the small district node group of early adopters.

This may even alter the narrative, many fail, few
We decided to design a tool that creates value for the user.

Our simple coin-less block chain game changer can reward node creators.

this turn on a warning light some of this will surprise you
But this is a non spam group.

some may think this all sounds like a hard sell push, but I am here to assure you it's free, unless you run ads.
... ... . ... ... . ... ... . ... ... . ... ... . ... ... .
My reputation as a human being, blogger and YouTube producer is at stake.
Check out the menu for details see the latest visual mind map at
Get your own Fee-Less district p2tp- co-Hub they will not last (numbers R limited) Cool
opportunity for newbies and seasoned professionals alike. We are rewards villages giving
back with Organic, open ai, non-mining, Intelligence Co-Lab hubs.

A cool secure smart contract deep learning algorithm, Think block chain like Innovation for activist creativity, promotion and mayhem :-]
News leak Vid  Don't just tell us your dreams, show the world.

Non-mining Virtual Organic open ai block chain distributed nodes. In layman's terms... a super secure network. limited number
of districts means only the early bird will get one, sorry skeptics. 
Your URL should be valued over one K in less than 2 years.
get one free but hurry (only 1 per district). More Here hurry
Some hosting servers give them away free of just a few dollars annually.
We recommend Firefox Quantum   Great for the web.


VAISCOPE is totally Fee-Less, (unless you opptin to run ads)VaiScope is evolving.
A new type of virtual ai cloud network.
vaiscope...(Virtual ai Secure Cloud Organic Platform Evolving)
and we put the small print up front.

A Revolutionary organic, open ai, non-mining,
blockchain based revolution, fondly know around the
water cooler as "The Brain"

what is it? read on and check in the menu
for useful about tabs
Vaiscope (Virtual ai Secure Cloud Organic Platform Evolving)
in layman's terms, A very secure network. 
A limited number of district P2tp
nodes are currently available.

Organic Virtual ai  Technology
specially developed for our
Fee-Less P2tp (Pledge 2 the PLANET)
with our partners GroupsStartup organic ai network

Local people and decentralization we can depend on.
How it works may be a long page
but really it's actually quite simple.
Use the 2 links above, learn about p2tp groups
free cloud organic platform awesome opportunity.
some optional recruiting involved, see our news leak >
News leak Vid  Don't just tell us your dreams show the world.

Learn about this totally new concept at  the totally awesome secure GroupsStartup website
Free Organic blockchain platform for Greater Global Good
No coins, no mining, less energy.

Local hosting

Members starting free local district P2TP groups use one of an increasing number of a free Hosting service such as our favorites Weebly, and Wix,
see the Top Five at http://top5-websitebuilders.com/
District group naming convention P2tp-[district].weebly.com 
or if you have a .net .info or .org? they will work fine.

24/7 Support help

We publish contact and support forms on most of the groups websites. New support apps are currently under development for your device. 


Show the world your dreams with your own district P2TP group URL Organic Ai uniting the world into a global force for the greater good on the VAISCOPE free open platform.

We love a few greenbacks, to help us
keep the lights on, click
to send a PayPal payment to me at 
get a mention on the chipped-in page (coming soon)

Terms and Conditions
Everything is good provided your site has in it's navigation a link to the old wisdom 12 Traditions This conditions is designed to  safeguard the community against corruption.


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