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Free WiFi for My Village

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SSS Yet To Be Done.

M Ichael Josefowicz Macro project -Every one who wants to work has a job at a fair wage for the village. Every family can eat three meals a day.

Micro project - profitable village wifi. Done.

Micro project - Using those profits for fair paying job creation. Done and ongoing.

Micro project - Farmers doing sustainable gardening using the principles of permaculture get a fair price for what they produce. Not Done.

Microproject -
Using the village wifi as the center of online education- with a concentration on practical skill training - Begun and done for villagers learning excell and other computer skills with Atwongyeire Joseph project.

Micro project - Building a building that is not only education but has a soccer field and places for recreational activity for youths. Atwongyeire Joseph and Jonas Chabroka Fadweck have that on there list of to be Done.

Micro project - Local currency for the villages. People are getting that on their to be Done List.

In general every micro project done gets the village takes another step to self sustainable growth to get to "Every one who wants to work has a job at a fair wage for the village. Every family can eat three meals a day."

If that can get done in 5 villages in three different countries it is reasonable to think it can happen in any village. The hard part is constant conversations. I have been in constant conversations with the leaders of all five villages. That is critically important because it is the only way to know just the right money at just the right for just the right product. Just the right time means now. That is possible in Uganda because World Remit allows the transfer of money to a phone in less than five minutes.

The five- maybe less - plan is to get some large ngo, perhaps the UN or USAID to take this approach. Then for me to write a simple tips and tricks manual so that anyone can do what I do.

The best way to get the orchestrator piece down will be when people in the village have enough time to be the orchestrators. That would mean teams of village leaders working with people at the UN or USAid as valuable partners. Might be a little hard at first.

The cost of two computers and wifi is a little less than $1000. You have to get to about six computers before you start making real money. The cost of 4 computers is about $1200.

So $2200 per village gets a profitable business going. 5 computers at $.60 per hour is $3.00 per hour is $24 a day for 7 days is $168 per week. 4 weeks a month is $672 per month.

Add to that revenue streams from making copies, serving cold drinks, coffee and snacks, charging for watching sports on the TV, charging for watching music videos on the internet connected TV.s No reason any village PrinterNet Cafe could make $1000 with out getting any charity from the outside.

$2200 a village means 220,000 is ten villages, 2,200,000 is 100 villages. 22,000,000 is 1000 villages all through Africa. For an outfit like USAid or Gates Foundation $2,200,000 is not that unusual If ten ngos were all working on the same thing $22,000,000 is doable,

1,000 villages in Africa each earning over $1000 a month is probably enough to start the feedback loop to make happen what wants to happen.

When it gets attention of the right organizations in India, they could take the experience, modify it for their environment and probably do it much faster than this first prototype.

Since just one person, playing around on Facebook catalyzed this process in about 4 months it is reasonable to think village wifi could be common place in Africa and India in three years. I don't see why the whole village wifi project couldn't happen in 5 years.

Do you see any reason that can't happen?

M Ichael Josefowicz Dmitry Sokolov I am the manager of this project. Also the investor. Also the orchestrator. The rest of my team is virtual. In each village there is at least two other people in a secret group.

There is no budget more than the $2200 per village than about another $500 to $1000 to help them along with unexpected challenges.For example Joseph had the challenge of unreliable electricty. I think it was about $100 to pay for sixth month rent.

I think I showed that it can easily scale to 1000 villages in Africa in probably less than three years, so I don't understand your question.

Since it just me at my kitchen table there is $0 overhead for now. It would probably take another 100 trained people like me. I have a feeling at least 20 would be great to work as volunteers with no salary. If a big NGO were working on they are already paying salaries to their staff.

For the salaries in the village for a highly skilled leader of a project, I've been told that is about $400 - $500 a month. Since the income is generated locally...

I am the only one leading this end of the project.No salary.




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