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Global Subject

Page history last edited by Dmitry Sokolov 1 year, 11 months ago


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Global Subject

Regional Collective Subjects




Planetary Intelligence

Evolution of Planetary Intelligence

Cognitive Development



Planetary Consciousness

Evolution of Planetary Consciousness

Development of Collective Consciousness

Stages of Planetary Consciousness

Levels of Collective Consciousness

Conscious Evolution



Collective Agency






Global SuperOrganism

Global Subject is a Superorganism made of possibly large number of Collective Subjects. As  a result of the Conscious Evolution, it should be designed and developed in order to function properly. As other subjects, it should have Consciousness, Subconscious, Sentience, Intelligence, Memory and other features and properties. It should be aware of itself, and able to self-reflect and evolve consciously “on its own”.

As a superorganism, Global Subject can only emerge and evolve from our present situation. Its emergence and evolution can be facilitated, i.e. requirements to a desired evolution can be researched, conditions to evolution and development designed and created, and the evolutionary processes orchestrated.



Use Cognitive Development methods to estimate development of Collective Subjects.


Dmitry SokolovGroup Admin Copied from pMOOC group:

I am focused on LiM/P2PCI because can't see an alternative to collective memory. Which is needed for Global Sustainability.

And I can't see many of us who's "business" is GS.

Who's business is Global Sustainability? I can't see them not only because there is no Global Subject but also due to the lack of Collective Memory in planetary scale. Those two, Global Subject with Collective Consciousness and Collective Memory are interdependent and interdefine each other.

Your thoughts?

How to move GS forward?

Micro-projects are good but yet to be coordinated in Global scale... 1h

Dmitry SokolovGroup Admin David, sorry for being unclear with the terms.

We should probably start talking in terms of Planetary Consciousness if Global Consciousness is confusing. Both Global and Planetary Consciousness are Collective by nature and inclusive to the points of view of all living (and probably lived on our Planet too) people. We shouldn't probably make difference between Global and Planetary, to avoid unnecessary complexity.

May Living System on this Planet be a Global Subject? Yes, as soon as it, LSP, will tell us that it is responsible for the Global Changes on this Planet and started acting accordingly.

Up to now I can't see a Global Subject saying and acting as above.

Can each of us be a part of Global Subject? Yes, as soon as we tell that Global Sustainability, for example, is our business and start acting accordingly.

Up to now I can't see a "business" or action plan of individuals behaving as a part of Global Subject. There are separated groups of people and projects claiming same or similar goal but being unable to coordinate their efforts towards it: Global Sustainability Projects. They can't even show how their diversity helps the Global Subject to fulfill it's role. 6m


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