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Public Sphere

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The public sphere (Öffentlichkeit) is an area in social life where individuals can come together to freely discuss and identify societal problems, and through that discussion influence political action. The term was originally coined by german philosopher Jürgen Habermas. Communication scholar Gerard A. Hauser defines it as "a discursive space in which individuals and groups associate to discuss matters of mutual interest and, where possible, to reach a common judgment about them".[1] The public sphere can be seen as "a theater in modern societies in which political participation is enacted through the medium of talk"[2] and "a realm of social life in which public opinion can be formed".[3]




`    ► Public address announcers (4 C, 33 P)
    ► Public archaeology (18 P)
    ► Public art (10 C, 113 P, 3 F)
    ► Public awareness campaigns (1 C, 20 P)
`    ► Benefit corporations (32 P)
`    ► Celebrity (15 C, 48 P)
    ► Ceremonies (23 C, 78 P)
    ► Public commons (7 C, 25 P)
    ► Publicly traded companies (5 C, 18 P)
    ► Public consultations (7 P)
    ► Public copyright licenses (2 C, 14 P)
`    ► Public defenders (196 P)
`    ► Public economics (6 C, 75 P)
    ► Public education (5 C, 1 P)
    ► Public executions (2 C, 12 P)
`    ► Government-owned companies (10 C, 28 P)
`    ► Public health (24 C, 194 P)
    ► Public historians (9 P)
    ► Public holidays by country (100 C, 1 P)
`    ► Public inquiries (11 C, 12 P)
`    ► Public law (16 C, 23 P)
    ► Public libraries (15 C, 37 P)
    ► Public Limited Companies (2 P)
`    ► Mass media (45 C, 60 P)
`    ► Public nudity (9 C, 65 P)
`    ► Public observatories (27 P)
    ► Public opinion (10 C, 52 P)
`    ► Public phones (1 C, 18 P)
    ► Public policy (26 C, 54 P)
    ► Politics (36 C, 59 P)
    ► Popularity (4 C, 3 P)
    ► Publishing (31 C, 163 P)
`    ► Reactions (6 C, 7 P)
`    ► Public safety (17 C, 33 P)
    ► Public sector (10 C, 4 P)
    ► Public service announcements (6 C, 16 P)
    ► Public speaking (14 C, 100 P)


`    Public sphere
`    Public accommodations
    Public address system
    Public affairs (broadcasting)
    Public affairs industry
    Public anthropology
    Public aquarium
    Public auction
    Public awareness of science
`    Public bad
    Public bill
    Public bookcase
`    Public capital
    Public computer
`    Public data network
    Public defender
    Public diplomacy
    Public disclosure
    Public display of affection
    Public duties
`    Public ecology
    Public editor
    Public enemy
    Public engagement
    Public exchange
`    Public file
    Public float
    Public folklore
    Freedom of panorama
    Publicly funded elections
`    Public good
    Public goods game
`    Public history
    Public holiday
    Public humanities
    Public humiliation
`    Public infrastructure
    Public instrument
    Public interest
    Public interest defence
    Public interest design
    Public interest law
    Public interest privilege
    Public intoxication
`    Public land
    Public liability
    Public limited company
    List of public disclosures of classified information
`    Public menorah
    Public morality
`    National Institute for Research into Aquatic Habitats
    Public nuisance
`    Public offering
    Public open space
    Publicly owned treatment works
`    Public participation
    Public sphere pedagogy
    Public philosophy
    Public procurator
    Public produce
    Public figure
    Public hypersphere
    The Public Sphere: An Encyclopedia Article (1964)
`    Public reason
    Public rights
`    Public science
    Public and private screening
    Public security
    Public space
    Survey (human research)
    Public switched data network
    Public switched telephone network
`    Public talks
    Publicly traded private equity
    Public trial
    Public trust
    Public trustee
`    Public use
`    Public value
    Public viewing area
`    Public water system

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