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Subfields of Physics

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Field Subfields Major theories Concepts
Nuclear and particle physics Nuclear physics, Nuclear astrophysics, Particle physics, Particle astrophysics, Particle physics phenomenology Standard Model, Quantum field theory, Quantum electrodynamics, Quantum chromodynamics, Electroweak theory, Effective field theory, Lattice field theory, Lattice gauge theory, Gauge theory, Supersymmetry, Grand unification theory, Superstring theory, M-theory Fundamental force (gravitational, electromagnetic, weak, strong), Elementary particle, Spin, Antimatter, Spontaneous symmetry breaking, Neutrino oscillation, Seesaw mechanism, Brane, String, Quantum gravity, Theory of everything, Vacuum energy
Atomic, molecular, and optical physics Atomic physics, Molecular physics, Atomic and Molecular astrophysics, Chemical physics, Optics, Photonics Quantum optics, Quantum chemistry, Quantum information science Photon, Atom, Molecule, Diffraction, Electromagnetic radiation, Laser, Polarization (waves), Spectral line, Casimir effect
Condensed matter physics Solid state physics, High pressure physics, Low-temperature physics, Surface Physics, Nanoscale and Mesoscopic physics, Polymer physics BCS theory, Bloch wave, Density functional theory, Fermi gas, Fermi liquid, Many-body theory, Statistical Mechanics Phases (gas, liquid, solid), Bose-Einstein condensate, Electrical conduction, Phonon, Magnetism, Self-organization, Semiconductor, superconductor, superfluid, Spin,
Astrophysics Astronomy, Astrometry, Cosmology, Gravitation physics, High-energy astrophysics, Planetary astrophysics, Plasma physics, Solar physics, Space physics, Stellar astrophysics Big Bang, Cosmic inflation, General relativity, Newton's law of universal gravitation, Lambda-CDM model, Magnetohydrodynamics Black hole, Cosmic background radiation, Cosmic string, Cosmos, Dark energy, Dark matter, Galaxy, Gravity, Gravitational radiation, Gravitational singularity, Planet, Solar System, Star, Supernova, Universe
Applied Physics Accelerator physics, Acoustics, Agrophysics, Biophysics, Chemical Physics, Communication Physics, Econophysics, Engineering physics, Fluid dynamics, Geophysics, Laser Physics, Materials physics, Medical physics, Nanotechnology, Optics, Optoelectronics, Photonics, Photovoltaics, Physical chemistry, Physics of computation, Plasma physics, Solid-state devices, Quantum chemistry, Quantum electronics, Quantum information science, Vehicle dynamics





` ► Applied and interdisciplinary physics (20 C, 51 P)

► Atomic, molecular, and optical physics (5 C, 38 P)


` ► Computational physics (6 C, 81 P)

► Condensed matter physics (29 C, 390 P)


` ► Physics education (4 C, 56 P)


` ► Mechanics (22 C, 171 P)


` ► Nuclear physics (18 C, 226 P)


► Philosophy of physics (11 C, 61 P)

► Physical cosmology (18 C, 248 P)

► Plasma physics (12 C, 245 P)

► Pseudophysics (4 C, 34 P)

► Psychophysics (4 C, 29 P)


` ► Surface science (4 C, 67 P)


` ► Theoretical physics (26 C, 189 P)



` Branches of physics


` Applied physics

Atmospheric physics

Atomic, molecular, and optical physics


` Classical physics

Computational physics

Condensed matter physics


` Physics education

Experimental physics


` Mechanics


Modern physics


` Nuclear physics


` Particle physics

Philosophy of physics

Physical cosmology

Physics of financial markets

Plasma (physics)




` Surface science


` Thermodynamics

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