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Global Sustainability Projects

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To be merged with International Sustainability Organisations?

Global Sustainability Projects are mostly aiming the Transition to Planetary Civilisation goal.

P2P Collective Intelligence Project



Для членов, которые хотели бы продолжать общаться, налаживать сотрудничество и принимать меры на местах, мы рекомендуем следующие сети:

Идеалист - «Свяжитесь с 90 000 организаций, чтобы помочь построить лучший мир»

Бионеры - "Революция из сердца природы"

Альянс Пачамама - «Обучает, вдохновляет и расширяет возможности преданных людей во всем мире, чтобы создать процветающий, справедливый и устойчивый мир»

Переходный период США - «Повышение устойчивости сообщества с помощью местных действий на низовом уровне»

Netsquared - "Соединяя людей для общего блага"

Альянс женщин Земли - «Инвестировать в женское лидерство на низовом уровне, чтобы найти решения наших самых насущных экологических проблем? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wiser.org#cite_note-news.cnet.com-2

Örsan Şenalp I think there are several plenetary consciousness candidates competing at the moment so none of them are planetary yet :) one liberal version given by Rifkin's Global Collaborative Commons vision which is shared by Global Marhall plan document to a certain extent, other social economy/just transition vision around WEF, Club of Rome, Soros etc. networks, and then we have Michel and commons transition network's perspective. The Next System project brings variety of visions on one plane (so in this sense aiming what you asked above). If first the two vison are recletions from progressive and conservative managerial and capitalist class views, the latter is from Precariat class view. I feel a need to expansion of Michel's vision to global south thus to include industrial proletariat, whose numer has reached to at lesat 3 billon people. I had this slide updated around 2012-2013 to draw a reda map but I am not so sure about it today: https://www.slideshare.net/.../transnational-p2p...




Transnational p2p solidairtyppp2012

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Örsan Şenalp

Örsan Şenalp sorry and this was the most upto date one https://www.slideshare.net/.../the-making-of-the-global...



The Making of the Global Working Class

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Mapping Our Way to the Next Civilization

Posted on October 15, 2015 by George Pór

This blog started as a reply to a post by a friend of mine on Facebook. Bret Warshawsky wrote:

“How about some love and co-creation? We’re beginning to map ‘Golden Innovations’ and need your help!

When you see a post or thread on FB, and share it, about ‘Projects already changing the system toward compassion, cooperation,sustainability and creativity.’ Please tag us with # noomaptheinnovations . We would really appreciate the support. The graphic in this screen grab is just a work in progress so more design to come.

Screen Shot 2015-10-15 at 10.59.51

Here’s my reply:

Bret, the interface is elegant and beautiful as always what you guys do. But that’s the easier part. The trickier is to design the pattern language for organizing the collected data and a smart information architecture that doesn’t only prevent the users from getting overloaded by the sheer volume and complexity of everything recorded, but also help them creating new hyper-trails of meaning. It’s something like that what I’m aiming for in a collaboration initiated by Christina Bowen, focused on “creating a map of org-structure, practices, and theory to show/ learn impacts on individual behavior and expression of collective intelligence,” which you can find in the #org-ecology channel of ResponsiveOrg on Slack .

Ours is only one of the MANY similar mapping efforts. The very fact that there’s a growing number of such efforts is a sign of our times, of discovering the urgency of what Barbara Marx Hubbard wrote:

 “The awakening of our species and our search for solutions is occurring, but it’s scattered, and it’s certainly not in dominion anywhere. The larger social structures are proving to be inadequate to solve the problems they’re creating. New social innovations are emerging everywhere, but they are not sufficiently connected or empowered. So right now, any effort that we can make to connect and create greater synergy and participation in this awakening process is probably the most important thing we can do.”

I don’t remember when she wrote that but I quoted it first 10 years ago here, and at numerous occasion since then, because it talks about a vital condition for our planetary evolution needs to carry itself forward.

In the ecosystem of global mapping efforts of transformational initiatives there are different species with different gifts to the whole. The one where I’m focusing my attention is not trying to catch everything that moves towards more compassion, cooperation, sustainability and creativity. There are zillions of such projects and previous mapping efforts that tried to portray them imploded under the very weight of the overwhelming richness and diversity of the landscape.

So my intention is to map a much smaller swath of the whole, only the initiatives aiming at reinventing organizations for supporting the well-being and evolution of all of their members and other stakeholders. Such initiatives are numbered “only” by the thousands which I find a more manageable number. 🙂

The infographic below is a first sketch for the landing face of such a map:

An ecosystem of movements for next-stage organization12-point ecosystem of the movements

map concept by George Pór – rendering by Sebastian Martin

Screen Shot 2015-10-15 at 11.53.59This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License

I wrote a bit more about the map above in the editorial of the September issue of Enlivening Edge.

Another mapping initiative worth paying attention to is the one of the Global Solutions Network:

Screen Shot 2015-10-15 at 12.03.56

The 4 characteristics of a GSN are: addresses a global problem; engages diverse stakeholders; exploits the digital revolution; and self-organizes and self-governs. GSN’s core ideas is that “enabled by the digital revolution, multi-stakeholder, self-governing networks are transforming how we solve global problems.The 10 types of networks pictured above are linked with issue-based hubs that span climate and planet stewardship, health and human security, employment and prosperity, and cities. On each hub expert curators invite nominations of successful GSNs to help grow a comprehensive network of GSN networks.

GSN claims to be the definitive resource of expert insights, cases and field tools for global problem solvers. Its funders are large institutions and to get listed you have to be proven successful at a global scale. Very different logic from how the bottom-up, grassroots networks organize themselves. It’s not better or worse than the latter ones, just addressing different audiences. If you’re a forward-thinking policy maker, go to and engage with GSN.

If you’re a movement catalyst, organizational change maker, or connector of people networks, and  want to increase your effectiveness by connecting with the tip of the evolutionary wave,  then go to and immerse yourself with the Reinventing Organizations wiki and the community surrounding it.  In that case, you may also want to pay attention to such new type self-managing and self-governing organizations as Enspiral, Metamaps, Sensorica, EdgeRyders and their brethren.

Technical folks from those groups are gathering, as we speak, and “scheming about what the fundamental technical aspects would be needed to enable a vastly more interoperable capability to our various web platforms.” Whether they will succeed or not is almost less important than the fact they have engaged in co-creative relationships for growing something that can “act more so as an ecosystem of tools, than siloed off platforms” (Connor Turland).

One of the questions that hold my attention, as I’m looking at their work, is what can the various projects of mapping “next-stage” organizational innovation learn from them? Can it be that facing challenges more complex than any group can successfully deal with inspires the recognition that when we meet things that are too complex to deal with, we need to ask for help from a larger collective intelligence? At some point in the development of our separate mapping projects we may recognize that there is no one method of mapping can do justice to the vastness of the tectonic shift between the dying old civilization and the emerging new.

At that point we’ll start turning towards each other, seeking interoperability. The sooner we reach that point the easier will be to have the maps talk with each other. Only then will their users, the  people, communities, and organizations who need them, will have a more triple-E (more effective, efficient, and enjoyable) experience of navigating with them our turbulent, Emerging Planetary Reality. 

Another important mapping effort was led by Rhonda Fabian and commissioned by Kosmos Journal:

Connecting for Change: Insights from an Emerging Global Transformation Movement

Based on research by the author, in collaboration with Jennifer Horner, PhD

Screen Shot 2015-10-18 at 12.50.04

“You might say it is the dark night of the planetary soul. Here we are in the midst of an ecological nightmare some are calling irreversible. The weight of war and human suffering seem overwhelming. We are bombarded with distress signals, but lulled by a media and political system that pushes distraction and more spending. Is it any wonder we try to evade our despair, that we close our eyes?

Yet at the same time, many people are waking up. They share a persistent inner sense that even the darkest night must be followed by a new day. Nearly every spiritual tradition says it is so and prophesizes a great planetary era still ahead and, though particulars differ, each asks for our faith that a better world is possible, predicated on peace and sharing. Science advances a similar, more immediate message: it’s now or never and cooperation is the key.

The Shift, Great Turning, and New Story are words used to describe what many are experiencing as a growing movement or awareness worldwide of the need to examine and restructure political, economic, and social systems to align more closely with the needs of humanity and the Earth.”

Kosmos Journal’s  “Connecting for Change” study was one of the most substantive contributions to the field that I call “evolutionary cartography” that is focused on mapping the tip of the evolutionary wave of today’s epic transformations. Hopefully, the next phase of the study will receive the funding necessary to do justice to the complex tasks of mapping the fast-moving tip of the evolutionary transformations sweeping the world.

To be even more useful than Phase I was, Phase II of the study would need to organize and store its information, using a collaboratively developed “transformational movements” pattern language, maybe in a relational database at the back-end, and an engaging “advanced visual language”-based user interface as a publicly accessible front-end.

Coupled with social technologies (such as the U process, World Cafe, Appreciative Inquiry, etc.) baked in the software, Connecting for Change could become a fully self-organizing knowledge base and more — an engine of transformation, by connecting our conversations in the ecosystem, which i wrote about in Kosmos:


If what we aim at is to discover the generative patterns that connect the various movements and initiatives for change, then we need to create interactive, self-organizing maps with functions that I sketched out in a 2010 blog on A tool for mapping the future as it’s emerging in the present and What functions will élan map perform.  5 years ago, those thoughts were a decade ahead of their time. Let’s shorten the remaining 5 years. 🙂

But it’s not only about software and information architecture, and maybe not even about them at the first place. Rhonda wrote earlier this year, “We are coming closer as a species to a new form of mental connection. It is possible to mentor, support, hold one another very deeply.” I replied:  And it’s not only mental. For our species to awaken to its collective sentience, the global brain needs to be coupled with a global heart. That’s the focus of the paper that I am working on presently, “From Shared Mindfulness to Collective Intelligence to Collective Sentience.”

Since then, that paper was published and you can read it here. It’s not hardcore futurism because the unscaled version of “collective sentience” is already present. Is is in caring for each other and this planet. Whatever mapping of the forces that work for a better world we develop, it should not be just an intellectual exercise. It needs to be guided by a desire to support all those to find a path to the future, who know that there must be an alternative to the status quo, and need to discover that not only they are not alone, but there’s a plethora of paths…

Lynn Lamoreux

So my challenge to you is to find out "what is theproblem" which should be easy because every generation has done this for about 200 years, and then find a way to get the word across all the generations and all the excuses. The latter part of that challenge is the more important. I can think of a few organizations 350.org, PostCarbon Institute, and there are quite a few small groups of people taking personal actions not public, that have carried over more generations. But most of everyone else has heard it all before and they aren't interested.

So go out and fix it !!) 6 hrs · Edited



Resources, Networking and Partnerships

While the First Noosphere World Forum will provide the meeting place for creating the dialogue of the virtual noosphere, a key component of this activity is the creation of the Noosphere Network – links to all noosphere related web sites (see Resources page)– as well as the forming of partnerships with like-minded organizations (forthcoming page). In the interest of creating the most comprehensive and universal Noosphere Network, we welcome new links to be placed.

The First Noosphere World Forum is an activity of the Galactic Research Institute of the Foundation for the Law of Time. While promoting the 13 Moon/28-day calendar and education about the Law of Time defines the mission of the Foundation, the underlying program of the FLT and the GRI is to pace and further the process of the biosphere-noosphere transition. To this end, under the auspices of the GRI-FLT, the Forum has established alliances or partnerships with: The Club of Budapest and WorldShift 2012, ISRICA (Institute for the Scientific Research and Investigation of Cosmic Anthropoecology), and the Noosphere Spiritual Ecological World Assembly (NSEWA).

We invite further partnersships – defined as groups or organizations that wish to be in a genuine creative collaboration with the Forum and its sponsoring organization, the GRI-FLT. Eventually what we would like to see with all of the partner membership organizations is an Alliance for the Noosphere .

If your organization would like to be a partner, contact us: http://www.facebook.com/noosphere


Ervin Lazlo -



2012-One Minute Shift -


Dr. Masaru Emoto - http://www.masaru-emoto.net/



Boris Petrovic - Institute of new cosmology and the science of time




John Allen -




Deborah Parrish Snyder



Roger Nelson - Global Consciousness Project-Princeton University


Pauline Tangiora Q.S.O. Q.S.M. -


Nina Goncharova -


Roy Littlesun -


Dr. Liubov Gordina -


Alicia Rodriguez - International Committee for the Banner of Peace



Dr. Bawa Jain -


World Youth Peace Summit


Message of Peace


Chief Arvol Looking Horse -


Dr. Gabriel Cousens -


Daniel Pinchbeck -




Margot Anand -


The Gathering - Return of the Whale Dreamers, official website for the new Kim Kindersely / Julian Lennon feature documentary film - http://www.whaledreamers.com/

The Mevlana Foundation - Istanbul, Turkey

Pproducers of the Knowledge Book and promoters of the

World Brotherhood Union and their Call for World Peace.


A dynamic hub of information for and by concerned planetary citizens who are dedicated to positively changing the world.


Tous Contre le Rechauffement Climatique

Kouliga Kabore - kouligak@yahoo.fr

Friends of Mother Earth

Warigia Mahinda - info@FriendsOfMotherEarth.net



The Global Brain -


Ana Hill - The Space Synapse


Paul Evans - http://thesapphireinstitute.com

The Sapphire Institute edits a series of e-books for the general public on the special topic of biological and technological singularity. The premiere issue, Singularity and Consciousness, is the result of material developed by the Institute and presented in Budapest, Hungary (2008) and Hong Kong, China (2009) .

Dr John Consemulder -



World Harmony Network -




The Living Earth -


One World Movement -


World Peace Prayer Society -


Institute of Noetic Science -


Dieter Duhm - Beyond 2012

Tamera Healing Biotope -


GaiaMind Project -


Earth Council 2012 - www.ec2012.org

Organization calling for First World Referendum (2012)

on the Formation of the EC (Earth Council)


World Waternet - World Waternet helps to improve the water cycle in developing countries.


The Rainbow Serpent Project


Ernest Richards - Earth Resonance


Earth resonance, Interstellar communications, Infinite mind, Bioenergetics

Unidad de Ciencias y Artes Noosféricas Mexxicamelot


Fundacion SOLIRIS



Fundação Casa Índigo


Dr. Ervin Laszlo Dr. Ervin Laszlo. Founder and President of The Club of Budapest, President of the WorldShift Network, Founder of the General Evolution Research Group, Co-Chair of the World Wisdom Council, Fellow of the World Academy of Arts and Sciences, Member of the International Academy of Philosophy of Science, Senator of the International Medici Academy, and Editor of the international periodical World Futures: The Journal of General Evolution. He has a PhD from the Sorbonne and is the recipient of honorary PhD’s from the United States, Canada, Finland, and Hungary. Formerly Professor of Philosophy, Systems Science, and Futures Studies in various universities in the US, Europe, and the Far East, he lectures worldwide. Laszlo received the Peace Prize of Japan, the Goi Award, in 2002, the International Mandir of Peace Prize in Assisi in 2005, and was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2004. He is the author or co-author of fifty-four books translated into as many as twenty-two languages, and serves as editor of another thirty volumes in addition to a four-volume World Encyclopedia of Peace. He lives in a converted four-hundred year-old farmhouse in Tuscany.
Dr. Liubov Gordina Dr. Liubov Gordina. President Noosphere Spiritual-Ecological World Assembly (NSEWA, World Assembly). Doctor of Philosophy, Ph,D. Technical Science, Author idea and project of the Noospheric Ethical-Ecological Constitution for Mankind, Moscow, Russia.
Dr. Masaru Emoto Dr. Masaru Emoto. Masaru Emoto was born in Yokohama, Japan and he graduated from Yokohama Municipal University's department of humanities and sciences w ith a focus on International Relations, and he received certification as a Doctor of Alternative Medicine from the Open International University. He is a president of Office Masaru Emoto, LLC in Tokyo and President Emeritus of the International Water for Life Foundation which is based in Oklahoma City, OK.
Venerable Dhyani Ywahoo Venerable Dhyani Ywahoo. is an international spiritual teacher, author and catalyst for peace. She is the 27th generation holder of the ancestral Ywahoo lineage in the Tsalagi/Cherokee tradition and the Chief of the Green Mountain Band of the Aniyunwiwa. Venerable is also the Founder and Spiritual Director of Sunray Meditation Society, Sunray Peace Village and the Vajradakini Nunnery in Lincoln, Vermont.
Dr. Bawa Jain Dr. Bawa Jain. The Secretary-General of The Millennium World Peace Summit of Religious and Spiritual Leaders that opened at the United Nations in August 2000, is a visionary leader in the interfaith movement throughout the world. After working closely on the World Peace Summit with the office of the United Nations Secretary-General, Mr. Jain committed his life to finding ways that the worldwide religious and spiritual communities can work together as interfaith allies with the United Nations on specific peace, poverty and environmental initiatives.
Chief Arvol Looking Horse Chief Arvol Looking Horse. Nineteenth Generation White Buffalo Pipe Holder and Peace Activist, Originator of the annual World Peace and Prayer Day (21 June), Lakota Nation, South Dakota, USA.
Dr. Ashok Gangadean Dr. Ashok Gangadean. Professor of Philosophy, Haverford College, Pennsylvania. Founder-Director of the Global Dialogue Institute and Co-Convenor of the World Commission on Global Consciousness and Spirituality.
Dr. Alicia Rodriguez Dr. Alicia Rodriguez. World President of the International Committee of the Banner of Peace, a non governmental organization of the United Nations inspired by the vision of Nicholas Roerich. During the last 20 years, Alicia has actively spread Roerich's message of peace throughout the world. She has presented the Banner of Peace to several notable figures including His Holiness The Dalai Lama, Svetoslav Roerich, Nobel Prize of Peace winner Dr. Oscar Arias and Dr. Emma Godoy. Alicia, was Nobel Prize Peace nominee in 1997, due to her 20 years labor all over the world for peace with the Banner of Peace.
Dr. Aleksandr Trofimov Dr. Aleksandr Trofimov. Director of International-Research Institute of Cosmic Anthropoecology (ISRICA); Leader of laboratory of helioclimatopathology of Scientific Center of Clinical and Experimental Medicine of Siberian Branch of Academy of Medical Sciences, a pupil of the founder of the Branch,  outstanding Russian scientist - academician Vlail Kaznacheev. In 1990-1991 for the first time in the world he organized and carried out synchronous by astronomic time investigation of distant-information interactions between people with the use of special screens for energy-time ("Kozyrev's mirrors") with participation of more than 5000 people. He is the author of 300 publications and 10 patents, participator of 30 International scientific forums. The Governing Board of Editors of the American biographical Institute at 2008 year presented hereby award to Pr. Alexander Trofimov the ALBERT EINSTEIN GENIUS DEDICATION in recognition of superlative intellect and contributions to Cosmic Anthropoecology.
Nina Goncharova Nina Goncharova. Scenarist, artist, painter, singer, President of the Siberian Center of Eurasian projects, Planet 3000 international project coordinator, GIONG 3000 and Theatre of New Time projects initiator. Her life is devoted to creating a new world of peace, love and happiness for all.
Dr. Roger Nelson Dr. Roger Nelson. Roger Nelson's professional degrees are in experimental psychology, with a special focus on the lesser known aspects of perception. His research designs take advantage of a background including physics, statistical methods, and multi-media production. From 1980 until his retirement in 2002, he was the coordinator of experimental work in the Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research (PEAR) lab in the School of Engineering and Applied Science, Princeton University. Building on experiments that showed effects of intention on sensitive electronic devices, Roger developed research designs to study coherent consciousness in groups of people. Broadening this research to the grand scale, he founded the Global Consciousness Project (GCP) in 1997, and continues to direct the project in its second decade. As the GCP matures, Roger gives more time to speaking and writing about our interdependence and interconnection, and the growing need for global awareness leading to a true global consciousness. The project website is http://noosphere.princeton.edu/
Margot Anand Margot Anand. An internationally acclaimed seminar leader and public speaker, Margot authored the best-selling books The Art of Sexual Ecstasy; The Art of Sexual Magic among many others. He teaching is also available in  "Margot Anand's Secret Keys to the Ultimate Love Life", an in-depth course in her methods on a series of DVDs. Ms. Anand has been featured as a keynote speaker at many prestigious conferences including the Association of Humanistic Psychology and has been interviewed on numerous television and radio programs, as well as by publications The Wall Street Journal, Time, The Washington Post, New Age Journal, Cosmopolitan and many others. A native of France, Margot Anand received her degree from Sorbonne University in Paris. She has extensive training in Gestalt Therapy, Hindu and Buddhist Tantra, bioenergetics, massage, meditation, Arica and Integral Yoga. Ms. Anand's teaching style is a rare synthesis of French erotic humor, American pragmatism, and Indian mysticism. She is particularly appreciated for her ability to bring healing, lightness, fun, and passion to the workshop atmosphere. For more information please see www.margotanand.com 
Brontoy Bedyurov Brontoy Bedyurov. Spiritual leader of the Indigenous people of the Autonomous Republic of Altai (Central Asia).
John Allen John Allen. Inventor of Biosphere 2, ecological scientist, poet, and philosopher. Chairman of Global Ecotechnics Corporation (www.globalecotechnics.com), an international company with ecological and cultural projects in biosphere design, sustainable management in rainforest, savannah and desert ecologies, contemporary art from around the planet; designed and built with Institute of Ecotechnics, an 82' ocean going research vessel that has sailed over 250,000 nautical miles exploring Planet Ocean and Origins and Futures of Humanity (www.rvheraclitus.org). Author of numerous scientific papers, and books, most recently Me and the Biospheres, a memoir. More info about John at www.meandthebiospheres.com
Deborah Parrish Snyder Deborah Parrish Snyder. Exec. VP of Global Ecotechnics, an international ecological and cultural projects development corporation in sustainable forestry, savannah and desert ecologies, and transvanguarde artists from around the planet (www.globalecotechnics.com); Publisher since 1984 of Synergetic Press, an independent publishing company specializing in books from the cutting edge in biospherics and ethnobotany, and the vanguard in fiction and poetry (www.synergeticpress.com). Involved with Biosphere 2 project from its inception in 1984 through 1994 as director of publications and educational programs.
Daniel Pinchbeck Daniel Pinchbeck. is the author of Breaking Open the Head (Broadway Books, 2002) and 2012: The Return of Quetzalcoatl (Tarcher/Penguin, 2006). He is the editorial director of Reality Sandwich (www.realitysandwich.com) and Evolver (www.evolver.net). A monthly columnist for Conscious Choice, he has written features for The New York Times Magazine, Esquire, Wired, Rolling Stone, ArtForum, and many other publications. He is currently collaborating on a feature documentary, 2012: Time for Change (www.2012timeforchange.com).
Pauline Tangiora Q.S.O. Q.S.M Pauline Tangiora Q.S.O. Q.S.M. is a Maori elder from the Rongomaiwahine Tribe on the East Coast of the North Island of Aotearoa/New Zealand. She also has affiliations to many other tribes. She is a Justice of the Peace, a former President and currently Vice President of WILPF Aotearoa, the former Regional Women's Representative for the World Council for Indigenous Peoples, Earth Charter Commissioner and a member of the Earth Council. She is a life member of the Maori Women's Welfare League and a Patron of the Peace Foundation. She has represented Aotearoa at many international forums and was a Consultant to the International Steering Committee of the World Court Project.
Roy Littlesun Roy Littlesun. Is a farmer, teacher, guide and healer. His pilgrimage started in 1996 and since then he has created more than one hundred Medicine Wheels arond the world with the purpose of World Peace.
Dr. Mark Nelson Dr. Mark Nelson. Was a founding director of the Institute of Ecotechnics and has worked for several decades in closed ecological system research, ecological engineering, the restoration of damaged ecosystems, desert agriculture and orchardry and wastewater recycling. He is Chairman and CEO of the Institute of Ecotechnics (www.ecotechnics.edu), a U.K. non-profit organization, which consults to several demonstration projects working in challenging biomes around the world; Vice Chairman of Global Ecotechnics Corp. (www.globalecotechnics.com), head of Wastewater Gardens International.
Sir Reinhart Ruge Sir Reinhart Ruge. Co-President of the World Constitution and Parliament Association, and long time peace activist whose activities world wide on behalf of universal spirituality and a genuinely peaceful and democratic new world won him recognition of the Order of the Knights of Malta, who knighted him.
Tiahoga Ruge Tiahoga Ruge. (M.S., University of Houston; M.A., Cinecitta Rome, Italy) directs the Center of Education and Training for Sustainable Development (Cecadesu) for the Government of Mexico's Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources. Prior to her government appointment, Ms. Ruge served as director for the North American Center for Environmental Communication and Information (CICEANA). A former assistant to Italian film director Federico Fellini, she is the producer and director of several films on environmental issues, including a documentary series on Biosphere 2. Ms. Ruge also orchestrated a major media project in Mexico called "Mass Media and Environment: A National Call for Environmental Awareness." In 1991 she was named to the United Nations Environmental Program's Global 500 Honor Roll for her work in the field.
Boris Petrovic Boris Petrovic. Earth Soul Scientist and Noospheric Philosopher. A digital artist, an engineer of tele-automation systems, a researcher into Tesla's "World system", Earth's magnetosphere, ionosphere and magnetic reconnection. Boris is an associate of The Serbian "Nikola Tesla" Society in Belgrade, Serbia and a researcher at The Institute of New Cosmology and the Science of Time. Serbia. (www.hronoya.org)
Antonio Velasco Piña Antonio Velasco Piña. Prominent Mexican writer, critic and essayist, his books include the best-selling Regina, which triggered a cultural revolution.
Alberto Ruz Buenfil Alberto Ruz Buenfil. Son of archeologist Alberto Ruz Lhuillier, discoverer from the Royal Tumb of mayan priest Pakal Votan. Forty years dedicated to study, create, promote and serve as an interna tional networker, make Alberto Ruz a first line pioneer, veteran and historian from the intentional communities, ecovillage and bioregionalist movements.
Veronica Sacta Campos Veronica Sacta Campos. Born in Cuenca, Ecuador-1975. Medecine woman original from the Cañare Nation in the Andes, guardian of the sacred fire and from the Red-Moon women's tent at events and ceremonies in different countries and continents.
Vandir Natal Casagrande Vandir Natal Casagrande. Former-Public Prosecutor of the Law of the Public Ministry of San Pablo, lawyer and a big activist for peace, he is the main coordinator of the Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Movement in Brazil and has been editor of the 13 moon synchronometer in the country for 13 years. At the moment he is coordinating the work of the construction of a 13:20 base of sustainable life, in Brazil, it is almost ready and it will be a prototype for a web that will be built in all of the country, offering the people the possibility of living in harmony with nature, in a self-sustainable way, with autonomy, without depending on the 12:60 system and without contaminating the environment, treating the Earth as a work of art.
Emerald Starr Emerald Starr. Emerald was trained by Al Gore and The Climate Project to present his Global Warming slide show in December, 2006. Emerald has presented the slide show more than 20 times to approx. 2500 people. Arriving in Bali in March, 1987, Emerald participated in a cultural exchange program with Prof. Pennell Rock and Sutan Takdir Alisjabana at his Center for Arts in the Future at Toyabungkah, Lake Batur. In 1996, he supervised the building of Sacred Mountain Sanctuary (SMS), a resort/retreat in east Bali with cottages and villas made from bamboo, grass and stone. He joined with Linda Garland and the Environmental Bamboo Foundation (EBF) to develop The Vertical Soak Bamboo Treatment Process. From 2000 - present, Emerald assisted the Royal Family of Karangasem in restoring the Tirtagangga Water Palace, as liaison between the Arimathea Foundation and the Karangasem family's Yayasan Amerta Jiwa. Emerald continues to be active in education and raising awareness for the health of our planet.
Emerald Starr Anna Hill. Artist /Space Entrepreneur, Founder and owner of Spase Synapse studied (BA) Fine Art Sculpture at St Martins School of Art London followed by the Royal College of Art London (MA Fine Art Sculpture). She is inspired by humankind's consistent curiosity that strives to explore and adapt to new territories using creative and evolutionary tools. From space, life is viewed systemically both on macro and micro scales. On a macro scale, Earth is viewed from space as a beautiful and connected living system embodying connectivity between people and the planet. On a micro level, space gives insight into living systems for example through the systems science of space engineering that is able to sustain human life in extreme conditions.

Anna has developed the Symbiotic Sphere, a device intended to allude to both micro and macro space and time. It contains a Venus time watch where a day lasts more than Earth's year, juxtaposing Earth-centric and cosmological time scales and biorhythms. The Symbiotic Sphere embodies our changing perception of ourselves, the planet Earth and the Universe we inhabit, through the advances of both culture and science. (www.spacesynapse.com)


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