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publishing center

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How to set up, manage and fund a Publishing Center..

A Publishing Center is a word to group different functionalities.

Including research, writing, designing, publishing.

It's purpose is to provide a laboratory with a path to scale.

The participants learn to work in project teams and the power of Print.


A Pub Center is a way to extend Project Based Team Teaching.

A Pub Center is a way for Printing companies to develop new products, retrain their staff, change their corporate culture and explore new business models.


A Pub Center is an activity space.

A web site, a classroom, a print shop are activity spaces.

Activity spaces produce new information and/or new stuff.

When the new information is edited and output, it is called publishing.


Editing is the process of tangling strings to create new information

Tangling strings for a new activity space creates value in that space.

The new value is created by editing and designing for real people.

The physical manifestation can be the Screen or Print.


The Screen lives in information space and creates space.

Print lives in physical space and creates time.

Print can be a newsletter, a newspaper, a poster.

Digital print allows micro audiences in articulated activity spaces.


For individuals it is Screen or Print.

For virtual communities it is Screen or Print.

For families it is Print.

For real communities it is Print.


A Publishing Center can live in various physical spaces.

It can live in a school.

It can live in a hospital.

It can live in a PrintShop.


To establish a Publishing Center the key skill is editing.

Then you need project management.

Then you need design.

Then you need production intelligence.


For Print you need a Printer.

For fast and easy you need a professional printer.

It just has to be good enough.

The value added is thinking, selecting and sharing.



Or is it this?


One or both or something completely different.


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