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Personal Virtual Associative Networks

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Same with Personal Topic Maps?

PVAN is blended into IVAN at the Unified Conceptual Space.

Non-Conflicting Collaboration is realised by separating PVANs at HashAt Space

ZettelKasten Principles

if i had written

Personal Virtual Associative Networks

Motivation to Ontology Building

down the thought that i wanted to use

for that paper but i couldn't even fully

remember when and where i learned that

thought and the only organizational

method was when and where i learned that

thought because you know it was

organized by the courses i was taking

not by logically where that information

belongs in my brain so i had a bit of

a problem


  • fourth principle which

Personal Virtual Associative Networks

is your knowledge is interconnected

every time you store a note you should

be asking yourself how does this connect

to something that is already in my

subtle casten system and what do i

already know that connects back to this

your knowledge is just a network of

interconnected thoughts the power of

this system comes in the quantity and

quality of the connections between your








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