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LikeInMind Quick Start Guide

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Dear Reader, thank you very much for getting started with LikeInMind!


LikeInMind is an Integrated Virtual Associative Network platform and the environment for real-time collaborative research.


Visit Getting Started with PBWorks if you didn't work with PBWorks before.


Register to edit and create new pages

Feel free to create and modify the content on the wide variety of legally permitted topics (LikeInMind Policy).

Editing is as easy as at MS Word.

The SandBox is the best place for trials and experiments with LikeInMind.


Please notice change in pages structure. Click Taxonomy Path to see the hidden header of the page.

(Ctrl-)click blue circle at the end of first line to switch to the Visual Taxonomy.

After navigating to the node of your interest, click the URL at the right panel to return to the reading view.

All other findability tools work as usual:


Browsing of the workspace from the Navigation Panel to the right is supported but not recommended.

Please use the  bar (Topic Search Bar) for the navigation to the page of you interest.

Just start typing a few letters of your request, wait for the list popped-up and click the topic from the pop-up list.


Read more on the fundamentals of LikeInMind: AIMS and Server of Ready Solutions.

Getting Around:

  • Browsing
Navigator Panel to the Right
Can Be Slow to get to the point
  • Topic Search
Search Bar @ Top Right Corner
Type Idea of the Moment
  • LikeInMind Full Text Search

Search Bar Below Just in case, for your convenience


Useful Tips

- if a topic is not found in seconds, something went wrong. Please ask Dmitry Sokolov for assistance

- only published topics can be found! If not found, please create a topic of your interest and fill it with the content of your preferences.

- please fill free to modify anything you see around. Ask Dmitry Sokolov for assistance in publishing "conflicting" and "contradictory" opinions, data, content and points of view: Lossless Participation

- follow the links in the text area of each topic to navigate the knowledge network towards the area of your interest. First link above the horisontal line (Upper Left corner) will lead to you the Upper Levels of the Taxonomy.

- many external sites such as Google Docs and Kumu can be embedded into the LIM page. Please ask Dmitry Sokolov for assistance.

- a lot of LIM related solutions are published at LIM and should be easy to find. Please add topics if anything useful is still missing.


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